Our Typical Day

Our Typical Day

Our days are geared towards physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and are meant to encourage an atmosphere of healing and growth. Often, addiction can lead to spiritual or emotional numbness and physical stress. The activities, lectures, and therapy sessions available every day connect clients and also allow them to reconnect with themselves and the beautiful world around them.

Clients at our facility have a wide array of activities and educational meetings to choose from. For those staying with us, we have a set wake-up time of 7:30, followed by breakfast and a group meeting discussing the hope and healing ahead. We offer lectures and therapy sessions in the morning, where visitors such as family and other loved ones may come and participate.

There are also experiential therapy activities during this time, including teams sports, arts, and music. Clients are also free to read, study, exercise, or visit with the other clients. This is a good time to reach out to support communities, as well. Lunch takes place at midday and can be eaten in the dining room or the beautiful outdoors. Clients can eat with visitors or friends at the center.

Afternoons are often filled with individual check-ups or group lectures. We have classes about the 12-step recovery process, which can be applied to any addiction. Games and sports are still available in in-between classes and study. There are activities planned in the evenings, such as movie nights or singing around a campfire. We also offer delicious dinners.

Sundays are filled with therapy sessions, group activities, and the option of attending any religious meetings nearby. We offer opportunities for clients to visit with each other and study religious material together if they would like.

Those who are struggling more intensely with addictions to drugs or alcohol can substitute healthy habits in the addiction’s place. They are also able to reach out to medical professionals, counselors, and support communities for help. We have regular check-ups with our clients throughout the week based on how far into the recovery process they are. Some clients might need to visit our professionals every day, while others might be well on the way to building a new life and only need a meeting once per week.