Our Vision and Pledge

Vision And Pledge

Our Treatment and Recovery Center for Drug and Alcohol Addicted strives to create an atmosphere of healing and safety for those who have felt the crippling effects of addiction in their lives. We are here help to individuals from all walks of life overcome their addictive habits and build new lives for themselves. We believe everyone deserves a second chance. We encourage everyone to take the necessary steps toward recovery and freedom.

Our center is a welcoming home for those facing challenges associated with alcoholism, substance abuse, and prescription, opioid, and heroin addictions. We’re here to offer support and strength to those who have loved ones struggling with these addictions.

We have professional medical personnel at the ready. We also offer 24/7 support for our clients to ensure safety and ultimately overcome addiction. We help our clients start life anew.

We pledge to :
●    Welcome clients of all ages, genders, and races into our facility.
●    Explain the techniques and processes we plan on implementing.
●    Customize each rehabilitation process for each unique client.
●    Work with individuals and loved ones to meet their goals.
●    Listen to concerns our clients or their loved ones may have.
●    Have trained medical professionals at our facility and offer 24/7 support.
●    Keep track of regular check-ups and remind clients of their goals.
●    Update clients regarding their detoxing and recovery processes.
●    Educate ourselves and our clients about the latest rehab methods available.
●    Be sensitive in cases with families or complicated situations.
●    Regularly ask for feedback on what and how we can improve our car
●    Implement our vision and goals in everything we do.

We are continually working to educate our staff and our clients further. We strive to offer the best service available in North Dacota, Virginia. Treatment and Recovery Center for Drug and Alcohol Addicted is here to build a better future with clients who wish to overcome addiction.