Drug Addiction Treatment in Our Center

By Rafael Stewart

Substance abuse comes in many forms, and the recovery process for each addiction can vary widely. Someone who struggles with an addiction to alcohol will not have the same journey to regaining control as someone who has an addiction to prescriptions drugs, gambling, smoking, or opioids.

Since each recovery path is so different, we want to share a brief overview of what our methods look like and how they might apply to certain addictions. However, it is important to understand that these processes are meant to be customized for each of our clients and are therefore flexible. We wish to work with individuals and families to create a path to recovery that will work for them.

Detoxification: We believe that the first step in overcoming addiction lies with the client. Each individual must decide they want to take the steps needed to free themselves. At the beginning of the recovery process, we set up a detoxification goal for our clients. For alcohol addicts, this might be not drinking for three days and focusing on drinking juices or participating in a team sport instead. Then we have regular checkups to monitor the detoxification process. Each detox is as different as the addiction it is gauged to.

Therapy: Our team of professionals includes individual, family, and marriage therapists. We offer counseling and therapy for those who feel their addiction has significantly affected their relationships and emotional health. We provide regular therapeutic services and appointments.

Addiction Recovery Communities: All of our clients have the resources they need to connect with others going through the same recovery process. There are communities for those fighting addictions or habits with gambling, drinking, heroin, prescription drugs, pornography, and many more. Whatever our clients are facing, we know there are others in similar places who can reach out to them as a support group.

Check-ups: We do not meet with clients one time and then expect them to follow through with their entire recovery process alone. We set regular appointments and check-ups to connect with those we are helping, and we actively seek ways to make their rehabilitation more effective.

Goals: Setting goals is the most prominent, well-known way of overcoming habits. We believe this applies to addictions, as well. For those who are struggling with any of the many addictions out there, it is essential to set goals and strive to accomplish them. We help set S.M.A.R.T. goals for our clients to reach, and we celebrate every milestone with them.

Reminders: Our team will send reminders of check-ups and appointments, and also of each client’s goals. It is important that each of our clients incorporates reminders of their personal goals within their own lives, and we will help in this process, as well.

Study: While fighting addiction, it is beneficial to learn why certain behaviors negatively affect us, and how we can better ourselves. While the resources we provide are not homework, we do encourage those we are helping to read through the materials. We follow up-to-date research on addictions and love to share our research with clients.

Recreational Therapy: We also incorporate recreational and experiential therapies in our chosen rehabilitation methods. For example, we like offering sports, arts, games, and other activities to clients so they can focus on the joys and experiences available in life without their previous addictions.

Medicine: Our medical professionals can diagnose mental and physical conditions and will help with the recovery process. Sometimes, addictions are a form of self-medication. We wish to offer professional medication and speed up the recovery process.